Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick Or Treat

We had a lovely time trick-or-treating this year. The weather was perfect at an amazing 64 degrees and hardly any humidity at all. Down here in the south, humidity can make or break a person. The air is usually very heavy but tonight it was heavenly. Thank you Lord for an amazing night!

Violet went as a Monarch Butterfly this year. I must admit, she was pretty darned cute! It's amazing what a year's difference can make. Last year Violet pushed me in front of the door so she could hide behind me, making sure that if the boogy man jumped out from somewhere he would get me, and so she could make a break for it. This year, well this year she braved the doors all by herself. With a spring in her step and a heart filled with bravery she proudly rang each doorbell by herself and then did the required, "Trick or Treat!", all while her proud Mommy and Daddy watched from the safe distance of the sidewalk. And with each treat she received, Violet was very quick to tell her treaters "Thank you!" and "Happy Halloween" waving at them as she made her way back to us. I am so proud of her.

Each house we stopped at the host/hostess would exclaim "What a beautiful butterfly you make!" and Violet was quick to declare, "I'm a Monarch Butterfly and they fly to Mexico during the winter months so they can be warm!" I don't think these people were expecting to get a science lesson tonight but that's what they got.

Gosh, I love this kid. She had an amazing time, as did Gregg and I. Violet's bucket was filled to capacity. I don't think we could fit any more candy in there even if we tried. Since we live in an apartment we drove to one neighborhood that is a nice circle shape. We walked the neighborhood for thirty minutes and then we were heading home. We LOVE that neighborhood and we have dreams of hopefully buying a home there sometime soon. Lord, please let it be! The homes are all different styles of arts and crafts homes. They all look different and the neighbors know one another. It's very kid friendly. All things that we are looking for and praying to find when we buy a home.

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Jen said...

You are right. She is a pretty darn cute monarch butterfly. Sounds like a perfect evening.