Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Silly Girl

I have one heck of a silly girl. Gracious, this kid can make me laugh so hard that my insides hurt! I love her sense of humor and silly faces seem to be one of her talents. She loves telling jokes too. Actually, Violet loves anything that will incite laughter. We may have a little comedian on our hands!

As for the rollers, she saw them in my bathroom recently and asked to "try them on". I managed to get a photo of her before she started to beg for me to take them off. I'm not surprised really as she hates to have anything in her hair. I've given up on hair bows, pony tails, and clips of any kind. Only during the hottest days of summer can I get her to pull her hair up. Still, we had a fun time playing around with all the girly stuff.


Kimberly said...

Such a fun girl! :) And she looks so much like her mama!

retiredw/3cats said...

Of course she is a silly girl she has a silly PePaw.

Jen said...

Love the silly faces. Harper won't let me put anything in her hair either, but she loves headbands. Go figure.