Sunday, December 13, 2009

Validation Baby!!!

My husband thinks he's married to a nutcase sometimes. I say that whatever makes me feel better/safer is a good thing as long as it doesn't hurt someone else. He thinks I'm borderline paranoid. I tell him he's probably right but that it's better to be safe than sorry. He says I embarrass him sometimes. I tell him to get over it. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the little extra precautions I take whenever we fly. Let me share with you what my husband and daughter put up with...

[photo courtesy of Wet]

Whenever we fly I always carry a TON of antibacterial wipes with me. I hand the wipes out to my family constantly when we're flying. I've taught Violet to wipe her face first and then her hands. Hubby is okay with these preventative measures, it's once we get on the plane that he says I go a bit overboard. Remember those packages of antibacterial wipes that I never travel without? Well, I use those to wipe down every touchable surface on the plane wherever we sit! I'm the freaky lady that wipes down the armrests, window/shade and wall, the seat back (in front of us), tray, light above us, and most importantly the air vent! Then, once I've done all that, and have my little family buckled in, they get to wipe their hands with another wipe. My husband calls this overkill. He may be right but I like to call it proactive.

Here's the thing though, I would always get sick after flying. I'm not exaggerating either when I say always. Usually I wouldn't get sick until after we had returned home but then it started happening when we got to our destination. This was beyond frustrating, for me and my family. What really got to me though was when we had Violet and SHE would get sick after we flew somewhere. That was my final straw and when I got to be a bit OCD whenever we flew.

There's not much you can do beyond basic sanitary stuff when you fly. The only way to avoid other people when traveling is to either NOT travel (which ain't happening) or to buy a private jet, learn how to fly, and travel on your own (something else that ain't happening!). So, I've learned to improvise. I clean as I go. Is it relaxing? Definitely not! Does it help me to sit back and relax a little? Yes!

Okay, bear with me here as I take you on a little "side" trip on something unrelated but I promise you it has a purpose. I always record the Rachael Ray Show. I don't always get to watch the show during the week and so I wait until the weekend to catch up. She's funny and has some neat ideas on her show. Well, today, while watching an episode from earlier this week, Rachael had a doctor on her show. And what was the topic of that particular segment you might ask? Well, I'll tell you! It was different ways on how to stay healthy while flying. This doctor said to use those wonderful little antibacterial wipes to wipe off the seat in front of you, the light, and most importantly the air vents!!! Yeah Ba-by!!! That was all the validation I needed. So, my husband, the dear man that he is, turned to me and said, "I'm sorry for ever making fun of you and your little traveling quirks."

Here I thought I was probably going insane with all the extra steps I take when flying. I've been doing this since Violet was a wee-little one. And a doctor shows up on a national televised show and basically gave me all the validation I've needed. Thank you!


~Crystal~ said...

too funny!!!!!

jenn said...

that's hilarious! if it works for you - keep it up. i try not to think about all of the cooties which exist in the world because when i do, i honestly get grossed out a bit. that's why i carry a little bottle of antibacterial gel in my purse at all times. i would have _never_ thought to clean the air vents in planes - thanks for the tip :)

Her Royal Highness said...

I never even thought of cleaning the air vents!