Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Night of Magic

We had a magical night last week that was filled with wonder and awe. Mimi & Grandpa bought tickets to see Disney On Ice for the four of us for a show last week. Needless to say, it was a wonderful experience. We decided to wait to tell Violet about the show until we arrived there. Keeping this a secret was no small feat. Violet knew she had a big surprise coming, she just didn't know what. This way, we had something to hold over the kid's head to keep her in compliance with whatever we said. I'm kidding! (Sort-of.) Can't you see how excited Violet was on the car ride to the show?

Violet was totally clueless to what she was about to experience, which made the whole thing even more fun that it already was! We arrived at the venue an hour and a half early, beating the crowds that were about to come. Only thing, we had to wait for the doors to open. It was during our time in line that Violet figured out why we were there and what her surprise was. It wasn't long before her excitement took over and she was jumping up and down. We then began a guessing game of who we thought we were going to see. So much fun!

While waiting on the show to begin, the four of us checked out the different vendors. Big mistake! Everything there was a kid's delight. Mickey & Minnie ears. Tinker Bell wings that light up. Some kind of spinning flashlight gizmo (that was really, really annoying, especially if you were sitting behind a kid or two that had one and you're trying to take pictures). Special cups that were either filled with snow cones or lemonade. And a $15.oo program that came with a special party hat that had Mickey ears attached. Lord, these people know how to cater to a kid's imagination and to a parent's (grandparent's) wallet!

Violet has the patience of a gnat! Waiting for over an hour for the show to begin was sheer torture for our little girl but she was still very good. Just sitting there, soaking up the whole idea that she was going to see Mickey & Minnie, was a bit mind boggling for her. And I'll be honest, it was amazing to watch. There really is something magical about anything and everything Disney.

We got to see nearly every Disney character that has ever been created! There was Alice and the Mad-Hatter, Cruella De-vil, Jack Skellington, Captain Hook, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy & Donald Duck. All of the princes and princesses were there, including the newest Tiana & Naveen from The Princess And The Frog, which was a major crowd pleaser. There was even the cast of Toy Story 2! And so many more characters that it's hard to put them all in here. But I imagine, if you can think of a character they were probably in the show.

Violet walked away with a pair of Minnie Ears that light up, a tinker bell cup, and a tinker bell doll (think Barbie Doll) before the night was over. Most importantly, she walked away with special memories filled with magic and wonder of Mickey Mouse and all of his friends.

Thank you Mimi & Grandpa for providing this night of magic for our precious little girl. This is something that she'll never forget.

(all photos are straight from the camera and are a mixture of ones taken either by myself or by my mom)


retiredw/3cats said...

I remember the first time we took you to Disney World, in the Tiki Room (my favorite)I looked at your face in awe and a tear was on my cheek. As I looked a Violet when Micky entered the ice, I must confess a tear was on this old man's cheek, two incredible Disney moments.

Jen said...

Oh what fun. You just created some lasting memories. That is for sure.

Kimberly said...

This looks like an absolute blast. What good secret keepers you all are. I'd have let the cat out of the bag for sure. :)

P.S. What awesome Grandparents Vi has!