Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I am LOVING having my niece down right now! We are having so much fun. Today we got up and out of the house pretty early. Our quest was to conquer the day and I think we did a pretty good job of doing just that!!! Our first stop was at a local movie theater to watch the movie Doogal. That was pretty much a let down but we didn't let it keep us down. From there, we went to Memorial City Mall. R.C. was amazed at how big our mall is. She had some money that was burning a hole in her pockets and so we looked for a little something to buy. Her choice was an amazing white shirt that has a cross on the front and angel wings on the back along with the words True Love. I have to say, I really wish that shirt came in my size because I would have totally bought one for myself!

After we ate lunch we headed to Sephora. R.C. is of the age to where she wants to start wearing some makeup. So, I thought it would be fun for her to get a professional makeup lesson. Julie, our sweet makeup consultant/artist, did a fantastic job on R.C. She kept things young/youthful but without putting on too much makeup. I have a beautiful niece and when the makeup lesson was finished, she was simply stunning. Oh boy, we are going to have a hard time keeping the boys away from that one!

From the mall we went to the Museum of Natural Science. We had an amazing time there. I asked the girls what their favorites were and they said they loved seeing all the different dinosaurs and the Egyptian Mummy. Which those were my favorites too! But I also loved the Foucault Pendulum, watching the pendulum swing back and forth, showing how the earth rotates, eventually knocking over a pin when it comes in contact with one. Every one was waiting to see a pin get knocked over and cheered when it finally happened. If I understood correctly, it take close to an hour for the pendulum to move over a fraction of an inch to hit one of the pins. (Don't hold me to that little fact though because I could be wrong!)

We had a fantastic time today! I enjoyed watching the girls as they fell in love with one thing or another at the museum. There is nothing better than to see a child's look of surprise and wonder as they see, and learn, something new. I do have to say this: I'm not as young as I used to be. My body aches all over due to all the walking we did. And, I'm sure it didn't help that my purse weighs a ton! With all of the aches and pains as well as the absolutely crappy traffic we drove through, it was totally worth it. And then some!

And speaking of traffic!!! Personal Rant Here, so consider yourself warned: if you are driving down a major road/interstate, then please get off the freakin' phone and pay attention to HOW YOU'RE DRIVING!!!! I'm driving along in my lane, the lane I've been driving in for the past fifteen minutes, when a lady (who had her cell phone glued to her left ear) decided to move over into MY lane. And in the same exact spot where my car was. Yikes!!! I laid on the horn several times and she just kept talking (blah, blah, blah), never once looking in the lane I was in and never hearing the freaking loud horn that is blaring RIGHT NEXT TO HER WINDOW!!! Grrrr, I can't begin to describe how much that hacks me off!!! Okay, rant over. Thanks for sticking with me through that.

We'll be taking it easy tomorrow (Wednesday) because my body will need time to recover. Also, I have a ton of launry to get done before we drive to Austin on Friday. But on Thursday, I have even bigger plans for the girls. A trip to the Museum Of Fine Arts is first on our itinerary, and after a quick lunch, we will be going to the Museum Of Health & Medical Science. Yeah, I'm trying to sneak some "culture" in to these kids, even if it's the last thing I ever manage to do!

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