Monday, July 5, 2010


Violet's cousin R. is visiting us all the way from Michigan. It has been so much fun having her here. After weeks of unbridled anticipation Violet is having the time of her life! We've had a ton of rain lately and unfortunately we're expecting more ~ not very helpful when you have two kids that want nothing more than to just go to the pool. Life has been pretty crazy around here lately. Crazy in a good way though! If things keep going so well between the cousins (which I'm sure they will) then our family may never see R. again unless if they come down for a visit. Because, I'm pretty determined to keep the kid!

R. and family landed on Texas soil just as Hurricane Alex was making landfall in Mexico and South Texas. Thankfully, their flight was a good one and they arrived at our home before the rain caused flooding throughout the Houston area. We finally got a break from the constant rain and actually had a beautiful 4th of July. The skies were amazingly clear, the temps were down, and we were able to get out of the house. We enjoyed a few hours at the pool and then went to a fireworks show at La Centerra here in Katy.

The fireworks show was absolutely stunning! I have never seen a more incredible fireworks show in person than what we experienced the other night. We knew that La Centerra would be jam-packed with people for the pre-show events so we decided to just go for the fireworks. We drove around the area for a little while, looking for a decent parking space, and our search paid off nicely. After a short walk, we ended up across the street from where the fireworks were being set up. We set up our chair and picnic blanket in the most ideal spot, right in front of a little pond. It was a perfect day! I hope you and yours had an amazing 4th!

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