Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Princess Birthday Tea Party

It has been a crazy few weeks around here. It all began when Violet asked for a Princess Tea themed Birthday Party. Violet wanted a pretty, pink princess dress for her party (and for Halloween) and so we searched high and low for a dress. After going to four obvious store choices we had nearly given up on finding a dress that would fit my little princess (they all were for age 3). I finally remembered that Cracker Barrel had their costumes out a few weeks ago. So, I called and they had ONE dress left in Violet's size. I asked them to hold it and we were there within five minutes.

Isn't her dress beautiful?

I put all the decorations up while Violet slept the night away. We created a bowery, of sorts, in the entryway of our living room for everyone to walk under. It had a magical feel to it.

Then we draped crepe paper over the light fixture in the dinning area.

The birthday banner was hung, appropriately, over a wall of photos of the birthday girl herself.

The moms all seemed to get along and enjoy one another's company. Two of them are mom's of two of Violet's Classical Conversations classmates and one is her tutor! A happy accident that we didn't realize until after the party, with the exception of one couple, everyone at Violet's party home schools.

My beautiful sister-in-law D. and her husband, D., came to the party with their precious daughter (my lovely little niece) C. Violet now has a cousin that lives close by!

BFF's!!! Miss A. and Violet. They became buddies back in July when we had a homeschool practicum we attended for three days. They are inseparable when out of their class on Mondays.

Miss. A., Violet, and cousin C. Such pretty little princesses!

Violet with another BFF, Miss. R. I can hardly stand all the cuteness!

Violet and another BFF, Miss. S.

And here is everyone at the party having a wonderful time playing around in Violet's room. The sweet faces are enough to still my beating heart. They're all so precious!!!

Violet had her finger in all of the details which included... having all the boys and girls dress like princes and princesses (tiaras were welcome!), finger sandwiches cut in the shape of flowers and butterflies (and a few little bears were cut for the boys). We also had tea (lemonade for the kids), veggie and fruit trays, chips, dip, and cake.

Make a wish!

Cousin C. enjoying her slice of the cake!

Pin the Gem on The Bracelet...

I think everyone enjoyed the game! Sir. T. was our lone Knight in shinning armor and was a very brave knight while in the mix of all these girls. His sister, Miss. M. is to his left (your right) ~ unfortunately, we didn't get pictures of the birthday girl with Sir T. and Miss. M.


We had a wonderful time at Violet's party. Most importantly, it was a very special time for her. The smile on her face, the joy in her laughter, and her giddy steps of delight made it worth all the work and effort put into arranging this party.

Thank you everyone who came and celebrated Violet's birthday with us. Your presence here made the day all the more special. Violet loved seeing her friends and enjoyed playing with them. And, Gregg and I enjoyed the chance to talk with all the wonderful parents. We love you all and thank God for your friendship!


~Crystal~ said...

It was such a blast! Thank you so much for inviting us . . . it was really great to see you today =0)

Mommas Soapbox said...

Happy Birthday Princess Violet! You are b-e-a-utiful and your party looks like it was a huge success.

What a great Momma!

Glenna said...

OMG, i love her party. You did such a good job. All the princess (and prince) are beautiful!