Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend ~ Part 1

Thank you Mr. Weatherman for putting in a good word for us. It was an insanely busy weekend but we had a fantastic time!

Where to begin? We went back to Dewberry Farm on Friday. It was a gorgeous day and the farm wasn't as crowded as our first visit was in October. Because we've had a little bit of rain, it wasn't as dusty either (something my sinuses really appreciated!). Violet had a greater affection for the rope swings this time around. And I'm happy to report there were no face-plants or belly-flops into the hay!

Violet got to experience the Jumping Pillows on this visit. There's really no way for me to describe them other than pure joy. Just look at the expressions on Violet and Miss. M!

After being sick for a few weeks, and out of our usual routine, I was worn out after our day at Dewberry! So, we let Saturday morning's weather (and my achy bones) determine for us that we were going to stay home that day and rest. Knowing that we were going to be out all day Sunday we had to get everything ready for school on Saturday. With her Daddy's help, Violet prepared her class presentation for Monday. This week's assignment ~ make and share a favorite recipe. There was no debate on what Violet would present to her class! She had to make chocolate chip cookies!

Sunday was packed full with new experiences for our little family. The day's events merit their own post which I'll share with you soon. Right now, my body and my brain are screaming for rest. Until then, have a great day!

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Kimberly said...

It's so good to see you fitting in some good things in your life! And yum-o to the hot hubby and his chocolate chip cookie making skills! ;) Umm, I mean for Violet's skills. LOL!