Thursday, April 19, 2012

Magic Wands & Boogers

I had an appointment with an ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor) earlier today and went in to the appointment with a bad case of the jitters. Call me crazy but I just was not looking forward to having a wand pushed up inside of my nose. Yeah, so not looking forward to that!

The appointment had a bit of a rough start. I was there at 9:30 and I wasn't seen until nearly 11:00. Add a seven year old kid who is bouncing off the walls, a doctor who is running late and a nervous patient and you've got a mix for a disaster. Thankfully, once my doctor came in, he got straight to the task at hand - checking out a cyst in my right sinus cavity.

My doctor had a lot to work through as I've been dealing with a nasty cold and sinus infection this week. I guess the timing was good for that though. Who better to deal with a sinus infection than an ENT, right? After spraying a decongestant and lydocain in my nose to open up and numb my sinuses, my doctor threaded the dreaded wand into my nose. As he is working his way to the back on my sinuses, the doctor tells me to feel free to take a look on the screen. Umm, no thank you! I was doing well to remain seated and not come unglued at that particular moment. But that didn't stop Violet from taking a good gander at the insides of her Momma's nose! Seriously, what kid could resist that?!!! It wasn't long after that that I heard Violet say, "Ooohh Mommy! I can see your boogers!!!" The proclamation wasn't lost on my doctor, who started laughing as he has a wand inside of my nose!!!

I guess you could say we lived our own real-life episode of The Magic School Bus today. And after I finish a two week course of antibiotics, nasal sprays and rinses, and decongestants, I get to go relive today's magical adventure. Oh joy!

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Kirra said...

LOL I love magic schoolbus!