Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sick and Mindless Ramblings

Have you ever wondered why a person will say, "I'm sick as a dog" when they are sick but they are obviously not a dog? I have.

Have you wondered why we say "Turn up the air" when you want the room to get cooler when what you should actually say is, "Turn the air down". By turning the air up, you are in fact raising the temperature. If you want it cooler, then you want to lower the temperature. Right?

Why do we say that our alarm went off when actually it it turned on? If your alarm went off then you would be late for work!

Have you tried Puff Plus Lotion Vicks? No? Trust me, the next time you get a cold just go out and buy you one of these boxes filled with love. Your nose will thank you for it!

I wonder if Vicks will thank me for my very public endorsement of their product? Nahh. The person whoever put this combo together is a genius!!! Seriously, maybe even Nobel Peace Prize winner worthy! Or, maybe that's my delirium talking. Either way, this stuff is awesome!

Oh, and here is another ingenues idea... The Vicks VapoPads! All the greatness of a vaporizer without the adding of humidity to your room, which is really nice when you live in Humid-City, USA. Thank Vicks for thinking of us down here in the south where our perspiration adds to the humidity factor of our fine city.

Yes friends, I feel like crud but I'm flying HIGH on the fumes of menthol and rosemary. And with that little visual for your thoughts, I shall bid you adieu!

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