Friday, June 8, 2012

High Tea

Violet has been involved in Keepers of the Faith this year, a program that was created to install Christian values and attitudes in our children while teaching them practical skills. It is a program that we have enjoyed be a part of. The girls learn a variety of skills as they participate in their club. Some of the skills the girls learn  are gardening, embroidery, culinary arts, music and fine arts, nature studies, and recreational skills, just to name a few. For each task the girls complete they will earn either a silver or gold pin, depending on the level of the project and completion. So far, Violet has earned pins for card making, identifying ten types of trees, hospitality, butterflies, birds and grandparents. She is working on earning even more pins in the near future.

We ended this year's meetings by having a formal high-tea party for the girls. The night began with a beautiful devotional about how important our words and actions are when we deal with others. The words we say, and our actions, can be compared to styrofoam, ceramic or fine china. No one wants to be treated like stryofoam, something to be discarded easily and without a second thought. And while being treated like ceramic isn't terrible, as you still have to be careful with it, everyone wishes to be treated as if they are fine china. You take extra care of fine china, being gentle with it and respecting it. A beautiful analogy for a tea party, don't you think?

The girls, and their mothers, had a wonderful time at the tea party. The girls treated their china with delicate hands as they enjoyed tea sandwiches, scones, various fruits, cakes and of course hot tea. Lemon, cream and sugar cubes were set at each table, adding to the high-tea experience. And not a single piece of china was chipped, cracked or broken during the party.  

I must admit, as I watched Violet and the girls enjoying themselves, it was hard not to get emotional. They are growing up so fast. Too fast actually. I remember when tea parties consisted of cute little tea cups, lemonade, peanut butter sandwiches and a tea pot that played "I'm a Little Tea Pot" as you tipped it's spout. Where did the time go? When did our daughters get old enough to use real china? Time is going by too fast for me. And to be honest, I'm not ready for my little girl to grow up.

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