Friday, June 8, 2012

Classical Conversations, Cycle 1, Read Aloud Book List: Part 2

From a very early age we have tried to instill a love of reading in our daughter's heart. Her Daddy and I are voracious readers and we would be perfectly happy if the tv is never turned on. We'd much rather be reading or doing something with music than watching a show on tv.

In my quest to encourage our daughter to read more books, I have tried to find read-aloud books that will tie in with her curriculum in the upcoming school year, which will be here before we know it! I've already posted a list of books that I've found so far. Well, the list has grown some since then! We will start from where we left off...

45. You Wouldn't Want to Be a Pyramid Builder!
46. You Wouldn't Want to Work on the Great Wall of China!
47. Cleopatra (Time Traveling Twins) - P.Vennema
48. Storming A Castle: National Geographic Mas Adventure
       - G. White
49. You Wouldn't Want to Live in Pompeii - J. Malam
50. You Wouldn't Want to Be a Myan Soothsayer - R. Matthews
51. You Wouldn't Want to Be a Greek Athlete - M. Ford
52. You Wouldn't Want to Be in Alexander the Great's Army 
       - J. Morley
53. Oh Say Can You Seed? All About Flowering Plants - B.Worth
54. Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today? - T.Rabe
55. If You Find A Rock - P. Christian
56. The Stranger - Chris Van Allsburg (book on the seasons)
57. Otis and the Tornado - Loren Long
58. The Magical Garden of Claude Monet - L. Anholt
59. The Little Island - M.W. Brown
60. Gregor Mendel: The Friar Who Grew Peas - Cheryl Bardoe
61. Are You A Spider? (wk 6) - Tudor Humphries
62. An Egg is Quiet (wk 7) - D.H.Aston & Long
63. Are You A Snail? (wk 5) -J. Allen
64. Insect Detective - Steve Voake
65. Listening to Crickets: A Story About Rachael Carson   
       - C.F. Ransom
66. What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?
67. Animal Grossology: The Science of Creatures Gross &            
      Disgusting - Branzel
68. For the Birds: The Live of Roger Troy Pretterson - P. Thomas
69. Planting the Wild Garden - K.O. Galbraith
70. The Life Cycle of a Flower - Molly Aloian
71. Balloons Over Broadway: True Story of the Puppeteer of 
      Macy's Parade - Melissa Sweet
72. Art & Max (art book) - David Wiesner
73. Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist - Jane O'Connor
74. Parus in the Spring with Picasso - Joan Yolleck
75. Michelangelo (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists) 
      - M.Venezia (wk 17)
76. El Greco (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)  
      - M.Venezia  (wk 18)
77. A Boy Name Giotto - Paulo Guarnier (wk 13)
78. Mario's Angels: A Story About the Artist Giotto - Mary Arrigan
79. The Magic Horse of Han Gan - C.J. Hong (wk 18)
80. The Way We Do It in Japan - G.C. Iijima (wk 8)
81. Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog - P.S. Turnner (wk 8)
82. We All Went on Safari - Laurie Krebs
83. Fatuma's New Cloth - Leslie Bulion (wks. 13, 14, 16)
84. Day of Ahmed's Secret - F.H. Parry (wk 15)
85. Canada Goose at Cattail Lane - J.Halfman (wks. 21-22)
86. Magic School Bus Plant Seeds: A Book About How Living  
      Things Grow (wk. 8-12)
87. Magic School Bus Blows It's Top: A Book About Volcanos
      (wks. 16-17)
88. The Jungle Book (wk 8 - British Controlled India)

Are you as excited as I am about the upcoming school year? I hope these books will help you and bring some of our curriculum to life for your children. Happy reading my friends!  

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