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Classical Conversations Unofficial Cycle 2 Book List compiled by Kimberly Wiltshire

Hello friends! It's that time of of year again where we're gearing up for our big homeschool adventure. One of my favorite parts about homeschooling Violet is that we get to read all kinds of books to ignite her imagination as we study certain topics. We follow Classical Conversations' program for our educational journey and I always love researching the topics for each year and compiling a list of books to either buy or check out from our local library. 

We're very excited about this year as this will be our first year to repeat a cycle in Classical Conversations. Cycle 2 was when we joined this incredible program and it was an amazing year for our little family. Here is my little princess meeting the ill fated Anne Boleyn at the Texas Renaissance Festival four years ago. That day will forever be one of my favorite days of all time. We had such a wonderful time!

This is a list of books that I have compiled after researching the topics for Classical Conversations Cycle 2. These books are recommended for children ages 4 to 10 based on the ratings and reviews either from Amazon or our public library. I have not read all of these books and cannot personally account for their material. These are generally Read-Aloud books that can be read individually or to a group of children. As with everything, please review these books before buying or checking them out from your library. I hope you enjoy this list. 

Happy Reading!

* MSB = Magic School Bus
* Please note that each subject is missing a week or more due to the lack of books
 found for that particular week.


Wk 1  Gisela’s Holiday Story (Gisela, Daughter of Charlemagne) - Lois Jarman
The Marvelous Blue Mouse - Christopher Manson
The Elephant from Baghdad - Mary Tavener Holmes

Wk 2  William the Conqueror, Get a Life - Philip Ardaqh
William the Conqueror: Last Invader of England - Tom McGowen

Wk 3  Richard the Lionheart:Crusader King of England - Thomas Streissquth
You Wouldn't Want To Be A Crusader!: A War You'd Rather Not Fight [Paperback] 

Wk 4  The Magna Carta - James Daugherty

Wk 5  Joan of Arc - Diane Stanley
You Wouldn’t Want to be Joan of Arc -

Wk 6  Leonardo and the Flying Boy

Wk 7  The Adventures of Martin Luther - Carolyn Bergt

Wk 8  Who In the World Was the Forgotten Explorer? The Story of
Amerigo Vespucci - Lorene Lambert
Magellen’s World - Stuart Waldman

Wk 9  Peter the Great - Diane Stanley
The Three Musketeers - Alexander Dumas

Wk 10  The Fairy Tale about Ivan the Son of Czar and Firebird and about
 the Grey Wolf - Elienne Burkatovskii

Wk 11  Marguerite Makes a Book - Bruce Robertson

Wk 12  Time Warp Trio: Meet You at Waterloo - Jon Sciezka
  Minstrel in the Tower - Gloria Skurzynski
  A Medieval Fiest - Aliki

Wk 13  All About America: The Industrial Revolution - Hilarie N. Staton
  The Bobbin Girl - Emily Arnold McCully

Wk 14  Where Poppies Grow: A World War 1 Companion - Linda Grarfield

Wk 15  Ten and Twenty - Claire Bishop
  Christmas In the Trenches - John McCatcheon

Wk 16  You Wouldn’t Want to Be a WWII Piolet - Antram
  Hannaha’s Cold Winter - Trish Marx
  Benno and the Night of Broken Glass (Holocaust) - Meg Wiviott

Wk 17  Teedie: The Story of Young Teddy Roosevelt - Don Brown
  TIME For Kids: Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President
  - Editors for TIME For Kids
  You’re On Your Way, Teddy Roosevelt - Judith St. George

Wk 19  My Freedom Trip: A Child’s Escape from North Korea - Francis & Ginger Poork

Wk 20  The Wall - Eve Bunting
  My Grandpa’s War - David Volk

Wk 21  The Fall of the Berlin Wall: The Cold War Ends - Nigel Kelly

Wk 22  The Wall: Growing up Behind the Iron Curtain - Peter Sis

Wk 23  Ashely’s Yellow Ribbon - Barbara Davoll

Wk 24  Nelson Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom - Chris van Wyk
            Mandela: From the Life of the South African Statesman - Floyd Cooper


Wk 1  Tropical Rainforest - Donald Silver
The Frozen Tundra: A Web of Life - Philip Johansson
What Is a Biome? - Bobbie Kalman
Animals Sleep: A Bedtime Book of Biomes - Thomas A. Heffron

Wk 2  Carnivores - Aaron Reynolds
Bear Wants More - Karma Wilson

Wk 3  MSB Gets Eaten: A Book About Food Chains - Pat Reif
Pond Circle - Betsy Franco
Gobble It Up - Jim Arnosky

Wk 4  Down Comes the Rain - Franklyn Branley
MSB Wet All Over: A Book About the Water Cycle - Pat Reif
The Water Hole - Grame Base
MSB At The Waterworks

Wk 5  MSB Goes Upstream: A Book About Salmon Migration
Going Home: The Mystery of Animal Migration - Merianne Berkes
Home At Last: A Song of Migration - April Pulley Sayre

Wk 6  The Wump World - Bill Peet
The Lorax - Dr. Seuss
The Berenstain Bears Don’t Pollute (Anymore) - Stan & Jan Berenstain

Wk 7  Stars - Mary Lyn Ray
How the Stars Fell into the Sky - Jerrie Dughton

Wk 8  Brother Sun, Sister Moon - Katherine Paterson
(based on the writings of St. Francis Assisi)

Wk 9  The Planets In Our Solar System - Franklyn M. Branley
National Geographic Readers: Planets - Elizabeth Carney
Clarice Bean, What Planet Are You From? - Lauren Child

Wk 10  What the Moon is Like - Franklyn M. Branley
The Moon Book - Gail Gibbons

Wk 11  What’s Out There? A Book About Space - Lynn Wilson
What Do You See? Our Solar System - Carme Sevenster
There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System - Tish Rabe

Wk 12  My Grandpa Was An Astronaut
Man on the Moon - Anastassia Suen
Moonwalk: The First Trip to the Moon - Judy Donnelly

Wk 13  The Solid Truth About States of Matter with Max Axiom,
Super Scientist - Agnieszka Biskup
Solids: States of Matter - Jim Mezzanotti
What Is The World Made of? All About Solids, Liquids and Gases
  - Weidner Zoehfield

Wk 15  Energy Makes Things Happen - Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Wk 16  A Crash Course in Forces and Motion with Max Axiom,
Super Scientist - Emily Soho
Wk 17  Forces Make Things Move - Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Wk 20  All About Heat - Lisa Trumbauer

Wk 24  Charged Up: The Story of Electricity - Bailey
  MSB And the Electric Field Trip - Joanna Cole
  The Shocking Story of Electricity - Anna Clayborrne


Wk 2   I And You And Don’t Forget Who: What Is a Pronoun?
(Words are Categorical) - Brian P. Cleary
Wk 13  Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What Is An Adverb? - Brian P. Cleary

Wk 23  Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What Is An Adjective? - Brian P. Cleary

(The following books are not necessarily about the geography for the week listed. They are for your use to encourage children to look up the locations mentioned.)

Wk 1  Little Dog Lost:The True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic -Monica Carnesi

Wk 2  The Three Golden Oranges - Alma Flor Ada
The Beautiful Butterfly: A Folktale from Spain - Judy Sierra

Wk 4  A Walk in London - Salvatore Rubbino
This I London - Miroslav Sasek

Wk 5  One Step At A Time (Hugo The Happy Starfish) - Suzy Liebermann
Heidi - Johanna Spyri

Wk 9  Kite Flying - Grace Lin

Wk 10  Child of The Sun - Sandra Arnold
Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale - Carmen Agra


Wk 14  Benjamin Franklin and the Magic Squares - Frank Murphy

Wk 16  Sir Comfrence and the First Round Table - Cindy Neuschwander

Wk 17  Sir Cumfrence and the Dragon of Pi - Cindy Neuschwander


Wk 4  You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Assyrian Soldier!: An Ancient Army You’d Rather Not
         Join [Paperback] - Rupert Matthews

Wk 5  You Wouldn’t Want to Be in Alexander the Great’s Army!: Miles You’d
Rather Not March [Paperback] Jacqueline Morley

Wk 9  You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Viking Explorer!: Voyages You’d Rather Not Make
(You Wouldn’t Want To) [Paperback] - Andrew Langley

Wk 14  The World Made New: Why the Age of Exploration Happened and How It
  Changed the World (Timelines of American History) [Hardcover]
  - Marc Aronson

Wk 16  You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Aristocrat in the French Revolution!: A Horrible Time
  in Paris You’d Rather Avoid [Paperback] - Jim Pipe

Wk 18  Trail of Tears (Step-Into-Reading) - Joseph Bruchac
Only the Names Remain: The Cherokees and The Trail of Tears - Alex W. Bealer


Wk 21  You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Secret Agent During World War II!: A Perilous
Mission Behind Enemy Lines [Paperback] - John Malam

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