Saturday, August 10, 2013

9th Birthday Thoughts & Video

It amazes me how quickly time passes in our lives. Our days blend together so easily as we get older. When we were children, time seemed to take forever. We couldn't wait for a special event to arrive, usually our birthdays or Christmas. And then, just as quickly as they came, we're longing for the next big event. Now, I wish time would slow down. If not down right stand still for a few moments. I want to enjoy the moments that we're in. The precious conversations with Violet as she shares some exciting tidbit that she learned or just something that made her happy. I want our early morning ritual of her climbing into bed with me, as her Daddy wakes up to start his day at work, to slow down so I can enjoy her deep breathing as she settles back into sleep. 

I want to fully enjoy each precious second that we are blessed to have as a family. Yet, time rushes by and before I know it, it's bedtime and we have to tuck our beautiful girl back into bed for the night. And moments of sadness always pricks my heart as I realize all of the opportunities I've missed that day. No matter how hard I try to prevent it, my days usually end this way.

A moment turns into a day. The day turns into a week. That week quickly turns into a month. And before I know it, another year has come and gone. Such is the case today on Violet's birthday. At the stroke of 1:16 pm, CST, Violet will officially be 9 years old. It is such a bitter sweet moment for me. I miss the little girl whose fingers would gently curl around mine. Now, Violet's hands are nearly as big as my own. I'm so grateful that we have this day to celebrate though. So many families long for a birthday celebration that will never come. Time has literally frozen for them and their babies will always be babies. So, I rejoice on this incredibly special day in my daughter's life. Truly, life is very sweet for us and I thank God for all of it. Even the moments that are hard and leave us scratching our heads on how to proceed with discipline or heartaches. Each precious moment is a gift that I pray to never take for granted.

So much has happened in Violet's 8th year of life. She completed her third year in Classical Conversations and developed stronger friendships with her classmates. Violet fell and broke her nose, resulting in the need for her first (and hopefully last) surgery. She watched her Momma go through a surgery of her own, creating a stronger compassionate heart and a willingness to help more around the house. Violet had her first sleepover with two friends from her school and had the most incredible time! And, she has grown at least another foot taller bringing her close to shoulder height to me. My most favorite event in Violet's life this year though has to be Easter, the day her Daddy baptised her in front of our church and family. Oh, what a blessed event that moment in time was for us!

Each day I think I couldn't possibly love this child any more than what I already do. And each day, my heart is stretched to a greater capacity of love. A love that is so overwhelming that it can paralyze me or create a Motherly fierceness that would do anything to protect her child. A love that has caused me to push aside timidness and advocate for my child, protecting her from the onslaught of a harsh world. A love that caused me to confront a dentist when my daughter wasn't receiving the level of care that she needed and demanded that it be corrected immediately. A love that my concerned husband understood and spurred these parting words to me as I left to confront that particular dentist, "Don't do something to cause you to be arrested." FYI, I was calm but firm when dealing with the dentist and I achieved my goal of getting the help my daughter needed.

So, here I am, thinking about this past year and feeling quite nostalgic. And as in the past, I have created a video slide of Violet for her birthday. I hope you enjoy seeing how much she has changed over the years. 

Happy 9th Birthday, Violet! Your Daddy and I couldn't be more proud of the young lady that you are becoming. So many changes lie ahead for you and our family but we know that you will handle them with style, grace, and your particular flare that is all your own. No matter what the future holds, always remember this... your Daddy and I love you to the heavens and above. You are dearly loved and cherished more than anything in this world. 

We pray that as you grow and mature, that you will hold fast to your faith and remember that Christ loves you. No sin is so great that it can ever separate you from the love of your Heavenly Father and the love of your parents. Your Mommy & Daddy will fail you and disappoint you many times in life but we will always be here for you, baby girl. Our arms and hearts are always open to you, no matter what life throws your way. 

Have a blessed day Sweetheart! And may there be many, many more birthdays for you to celebrate in life.

Love always,
Mommy & Daddy 

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