Friday, November 15, 2013


To say that I'm amazed that I'm experiencing the life changing event of pregnancy again would be an understatement. Yes, I'm amazed but I'm also shocked, blessed, scared, unsure of the future, and incredibly grateful. Our lives are going to change in one of the most dramatic ways possible once this little girl arrives. Not unlike when her big sister, Violet, entered this world and changed mine and Gregg's lives from a couple to a family of three.

This week I've hit a huge milestone in this pregnancy. I hit the 33 week mark a few days ago. The reason why this is such a big milestone - it was at this point in my pregnancy with Violet that she entered this world. My sweet girl was born 7 weeks early and, beyond severe reflux and jaundice, she was a healthy 5 pound baby girl, perfect in every possible way.

Violet spent five days in the NICU due to reflux and jaundice but we were blessed in that she got to come home with us when I was released from the hospital. Her release from the NICU was last minute and a surprise to us. As hard as it was, Gregg and I were prepared to leave our hearts at the hospital as we drove home. Ten minutes before the nurse came to wheel me out of my room, the NICU called and said they were bringing Violet to my room for release. Gregg had just returned to my room after taking all of our belongings to the car when I sent him back to get Violet's diaper bag. What a joy it was to call Violet's Grandmothers who were waiting on us at home to tell them Violet would be with us! There was a lot of rejoicing that day.

Violet's little sister is doing well and growing right on target. I had an ultrasound recently and she is measuring at 4 pounds 2 ounces. A full pound lighter than her big sister was at this point, which is a good thing. This means my gestational diabetes is not affecting her as much as her big sister. If Little Sister keeps at this rate, she will weigh somewhere around 6-7 pounds when she's born.

You may be wondering, "Does this little girl have a name yet?" and the answer to that would be a resounding YES! In keeping with not using Violet's first name on the world-wide-web, we will be sharing this little girl's life with you under the name of Faith. Just like Violet's name, Faith is this little girl's middle name which is from one of her Great-Great Grandmothers (just like Violet's name is).

I'm doing quite well considering that I feel like a beached whale. Ha! I tire easily now, which is to be expected at this stage in my pregnancy. And I'm getting to be quite uncomfortable. Faith is a very active baby and has quite a powerful kick for one so tiny. I've recently discovered tiny bruises up near my ribs. Contractions are starting to hit me but they are irregular and don't hit too often. Still, I'm ready for the next few weeks to pass quickly as I'm ready to meet this little girl. Yet, I'm scared too because there is so much to do and so many things to get before she arrives. Let's just say, panic is starting to set in that we won't get everything done in time. We'll be delivering in a few more weeks and are getting down to the wire. I can't wait!

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