Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An Angel to A Little Devil Within Minutes!

Violet has been sick with a nasty cold for over two weeks now. Gregg and I took her to see her pediatrician last Monday in hopes that he could help us out with all the gunk in her nose, not to mention the nasty cough that she'd developed. (Violet was choking on all the drainage that she was having and this concerned us.) The doctor gave us something but it didn't really work. So, back to the doctor yesterday for another visit and another $25 co-pay!

This time, the doctor saw that Violet has an ear infection in the making. He gave Violet an antibiotic and another medication for her nasal drainage (to replace the first one). Well, after we picked up the new meds. from the pharmacy, we settled in for the night. We ate dinner and then gave Violet both medications. Our sweet little girl turned into a holy terror within a matter of minutes!

Gregg and I were staggered by the change in our daughter. We were standing there like two idiots, scratching our heads at the transformation in Violet. Finally, it dawned on Gregg that it was the medicine for Violet's nose and cough that caused this. Still, that realization didn't help us in calming Violet down and getting her settled in for her regular bedtime. After an hour and a half of trying to get Violet to settle down, she surrendered to sleep. Ahh, the blissful sound of quiet that came upon our little abode when Violet finally gave in to sleep!

I think all medications should be labeled if there is even the remote chance of hyperness caused by it! The label should go something like: "WARNING! This medicine may transform angelic children into little devils. Give said medicine to child at your own peril!"

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