Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Wonders of Play-Doh

Ah, the wonders of Play-Doh! Violet was given a large set of play-doh containers for Christmas. She has always been entranced by this wonderful little tactile substance but her obsession with it has grown recently. If we ever need a moment or two to ourselves all Gregg and I have to do is bring out the play-doh. Violet can sit at the table for a good solid hour playing with the stuff!

Violet hasn't learned how to make stuff out of the play-doh just yet but she's getting the hang it. She is learning that she can use different items to make shapes in the play-doh... a pretty good thing for one so young. More than anything, though, Violet likes to move the play-doh from one side of the table to the other ~ she can be quite single-minded when she's doing this. And do not think for one moment that you can change her mind from doing so!!! She knows what she's doing, we don't, so just leave her be! Violet has definite opinions as to where something should go.

Gregg and I learned a valuable lesson a few weeks ago when we went to a restaurant... always take some play-doh with us! Violet got tired and wasn't interested in eating her food. If we'd only had some play-doh, she would have been nice and happy. We now have a couple of tubes of the stuff in our diaper bag, all ready to go!

Violet used to love the idea of coloring but she never got into it really. She would do a few strokes with the crayon and then go off somewhere. When we would go somewhere, we always carried a small package of crayons and a thin coloring book. That used to keep Violet busy for a little while, not any more. Play-doh is the magic trick to keep Violet busy now. Well, that and stickers! I don't know a child anywhere that doesn't love stickers ~ we have some of those stashed in the diaper bag too.

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