Thursday, February 1, 2007

Laughter In The Midst of Chaos

Well, we had yet another visit to the doctor's office yesterday. Violet hasn't gotten any better with the medications that she's been on and we were concerned. Also, we wanted to be sure that her ear infection had cleared up. Let me just say that the whole time we were at the doctor's office it was an ordeal. Violet had a death grip on me and wouldn't let go for anything! And the crying! You would think that we were pulling her fingernails out with all of the crying that this child did.

Violet fought the nurse who was trying to take her temperature. Then once the doctor entered the room she fought him. She did not want to be examined even with my holding her in my arms. The doctor finally asked me, "Is it just me or is she like this with every doctor and nurse?" I assured him that she has been like this lately for all of her appointments. His response, "Well, that makes me feel somewhat better!", and he gave a good chuckle.

After her exam, the doctor told me that Violet has a secondary infection and needs to be on another antibiotic. He said that her throat was terribly inflamed and irritated. Then, he made the suggestion that we leave the country and go to a tropical island so that Violet can get better. I told him that that was a wonderful order coming from a doctor and asked if I could get that in writing, sadly, he said no. I guess with all of the laughing that the doctor and I were doing calmed Violet down and put her in a better mood. She even smiled for the good doctor before he left the room.

So, here we are. Violet's on another antibiotic along with children's Mucinex. Amazingly enough, the Mucinex seems to be working because her nose has been alot clearer today. Violet still has a deep cough but it should clear up once everything else does. Even more amazing is that Violet slept through the night last night! It was an amazing night of blissful sleep for our little family. Ahhh, thank You, God.

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