Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bragging Rights!

I've got the bragging rights! You may be thinking that I'm referring to the Super Bowl that we just had last Sunday. But that's not it. We wanted the Chicago Bears to win... still, it was great that they made it that far.

What I have the bragging rights over is that my wonderful husband, Gregg, was just given a huge, new opportunity with a new job! Gregg took the position and will be starting with the new company in a few short weeks. A man named David, who once worked with Gregg, sought Gregg out to tell him about this amazing opportunity. After Gregg and David met, Gregg and I walked around in a haze, albeit a good haze. We were astounded at what had been laid in Gregg's lap regarding a new job.

Gregg wasn't unhappy with his current job or employer. Matter of fact, Gregg was very happy regarding where he was. Mike, Gregg's current employer, has always been very good to Gregg and to our family. We have been very blessed for Gregg to work for such an incredible man all these years. It'll be very difficult to leave Mike and the office behind, but after much prayer, we know that this is the right decision to make for Gregg and for our family.

Gregg will be getting paid an incredible amount more than what he's making now. That pay doesn't involve overtime! Violet and I won't know what to do with ourselves having Gregg home more often. I'm sure we'll figure something out though. As happy as I am for Gregg, I am mostly happy for what this new position will mean for our family. Violet will have her Daddy around more, something that she'll particularly love. It breaks my heart to hear our little girl ask where her Daddy is and then say, "Daddy come home"... she says this as if she's willing it to happen. I'm so happy for Violet and Gregg and for what this extra time will mean for their relationship as father and daughter.

I'm happy for the time that Gregg and I will have once again, even with Violet in the mix. We can actually go out every once in a while and not feel guilty that we're stealing time away from Violet. Now that Gregg'll have regular hours and will be home more we can have a more even balance in sharing time with him.

Beyond the pay increase, I'm happy for Gregg that he'll have the time to do things that he wants and loves to do, things that have taken a huge back-burner over time. Gregg will now be able to have some time to pick up his guitar to play & practice, something he's missed a great deal. Gregg will be able to relax more and not feel pressured to cram so many things in a weekend with the family because he'll be home more during the week.

Then, there is the issue of getting a new home. With the new job, we should be able to save up the money we need in order to buy a home for our family. A dream of ours for far too long. God has bestowed us with such a wonderful blessing. We cannot forget to say, "Thank You, Lord, for this amazing blessing. Thank You for honoring and favoring Your child with this wonderful gift. We are so thankful to You!"

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