Saturday, February 3, 2007

What Happened?

Yesterday started out innocently enough and somewhere in the morning it took a turn, a bad turn. Violet was in a terrible mood all day yesterday. I don't know what happened, or what caused it, but I have never seen our little girl like this before. Violet took the term, "Throwing A Fit", to an all new level. I swear, there were times when she was screaming that the pitch was so high that only dogs could hear it! And if Violet wasn't throwing a fit it meant that she was clinging to me... this was how our day went.

I understand that two year olds will throw a fit on occasion. The normal toddler fit doesn't bother me too terribly much because I know that it'll end. I just was not prepared for the day that we had yesterday. I don't think any parent is prepared for the day we had yesterday! I hate to admit this, but it got so bad that I actually began to hate the sound of my daughter's voice.

Now, add to the mix of tantrums a child that wouldn't eat for the whole day. The only amount of food that I was able to get Violet to eat were a few butter crackers. Then, the unthinkable happened, we ran out of the few crackers that we had! No amount of telling Violet that the crackers were all gone helped her to understand that they were indeed all gone. The tears and screams that followed were enough to make a person jump off a bridge ~ or drink an insane amount of alcohol!

Finally, finally, we got a glimpse of our sweet little girl about an hour before bedtime. Thank God for small favors. Violet played contentedly all by herself with her baby doll and tea set. It was so nice to see her as her normal self for a little while yesterday. Gregg has made the comment before and I honestly think it's true... "God made kids so cute just so that their parents don't kill them on days like this!"

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