Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This past Sunday we met at our pastor's house for church and enjoyed a little gathering with everyone. Food was involved which makes any gathering that much more enjoyable. While we were there Violet came out of her shy little shell and began to play with the other children. I cannot begin to describe how absolutely wonderful this was to witness. Gregg and I were beginning to worry that Violet would be a shy child and not enjoy other children's company. We now have hope that she'll continue to come out of her shell and become an outgoing child.

At our pastor's house, Violet was filled with so much joy while playing with the other children. There were plenty of squeals of delight as well as running all throughout the house. There was a delightful game of chase that was going on between the kids. As great as it was to watch this it was also very exhausting. To have just an ounce of that energy would be wonderful!

Violet also discovered that our pastor had a piano in his home that night. She sat on the piano bench and began to play it. Every time Violet decided a "song" was over she would lift her hands from the keys and start clapping. It was as if Violet was saying to everyone, "Okay, the song is over. You can clap for me now if you want to!" Violet has the desire to play music, something for which we are very grateful. Now, we just have to get her a keyboard of some sort so that she can continue to enjoy playing. It's wonderful that Violet has an interest in something that both Gregg and I love.

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