Monday, February 19, 2007

She's Got A Fever

This past Friday Violet woke up very cranky and clingy. After picking Violet up, to calm her down, I noticed that she had a rather high fever. I spent the whole day with Violet attached to my chest until Gregg arrived home, then she became a permanent fixture to his chest.

Our whole weekend was spent huddling over Violet, making sure her fever didn't get any higher. Finally, we called the pharmacist and asked him about alternating Motrin with Tylenol. It was such a leap of faith giving Violet the Motrin due to my allergies to it. We were just desperate to lower her temperature and finally took that leap. We are so glad that we used the Motrin because it has worked the best in bringing down Violet's fever.

Violet has been restless due to her fever and although she sleeps off an on throughout the day, it's never been a solid sleep. The poor thing was up the entire night last night (Sunday) and finally crashed this morning sometime around 7 am. Violet woke up around 12 pm. and I do believe that was the deepest sleep she's had since this fever started. When we got up, I took Violet's temperature and it was the lowest it has been since the fever started. I pray that we're nearing the end with this little bug. We're all so tired physically and are ready for everyone to be healthy again.

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