Thursday, March 15, 2007


When I went grocery shopping last weekend I found some frozen, thin, whole green beans. I thought I'd get some since they looked absolutely delicious. I was also hoping that Violet would eat some since she's gone on a health food strike!

Well, last night was the first time that I cooked these green beans and they lived up to my expectations. As usual, I put a little of everything on Violet's plate in hopes that she'll at least try something new. While our little family was sitting around the table enjoying our meal Gregg and I noticed that Violet was going after the green beans with such vigor that we were astonished. When Violet finished her little serving and asked for more green beans you could have literally picked our mouths up off the floor! Gregg asked Violet, "Who are you and what have you done with our daughter?", he voiced what I was thinking... pure shock!

Finally, the health food strike is over (at least we hope it is). It'll be nice to get Violet to eat something other than chicken nuggets and fish sticks... something that I've discovered are the basic staples of any toddler.

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