Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Sad Goodbye

I realize this has nothing to do with Violet but I am in the need to share my heartache with you. I just found out that my favorite show, of all time, is going off the air next week. Gilmore Girls will only live on in the world of re-runs on television after next week. I am so sad over this.

I have been a faithful viewer of Gilmore Girls ever since the show first came on air seven years ago. It is a wonderful show about the relationship between a single mother and her daughter. There is a great deal of pop-culture in each show and the relationships just warm your heart. I have watched Rory Gilmore grow up on television from the very first day of the show. I've watched Lorelei and Rory's relationship go through every type of mother-daughter phase as they both grew and matured. I have anxiously awaited every new show after watching the previous one. It's almost as it the characters on the show are a part of my family and now they are telling me that they are leaving. I am going to miss them. And for those of you who think I'm just being silly... remember what our parents felt when MASH or Dallas went off the air? Well, Gilmore Girls is like that to me.

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