Monday, September 10, 2007

Nature's Canvas

As I sit here at the computer I am struck with how beautiful life can be. I'm listening to worship music through the computer and Violet turning the pages of a book. The sunlight is dappled through our blinds, the only source of light we need right now. The comforting hum of the air conditioner just clicked on.

Birds are fluttering about outside our window in the back yard. The leaves on our tree are starting to fall as if it knows what is around the corner. I love Fall, it is one of my favorite seasons. The crisp colors of orange, red and yellow give me such a comforting feeling. They are used as paintings in the canvas of trees. So much beauty is to be seen during the Fall months. I must get the family to take a trip this year to go see the trees when they display their glorious fall colors. I cannot wait to see Violet's expression when she sees how beautiful nature can be as it prepares to sleep for the winter.

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