Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sippy Cups

After my last post regarding certain plastics used in bottles, I did some research into sippy cups. There are a few cups that are considered safe, even with the plastic used to make them. I was pleased to find that the cups Violet uses are on the safe list. Whew! Which are safe cups? I've listed what I've found below...

  • Playtex Sipster Insulated cups ~ they're made with polypropylene and polyethylene, both are considered safe and have no known harmful chemicals in them. This is the brand / style we use most frequently with Violet.
  • Born Free ~ made with polyamide (PA) or polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer or silicone (depending on the model you get)
  • Avent Magic Sippy Cup ~ made with polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomer and silicone
  • Munchkin Cupsicle ~ made with polypropylene, polyethylene and silicone

If you don't want to use plastic sippy cups there are metal ones although be warned, they are more expensive...

  • Thermos Foogo Leak-Proof Bottle with Straw
  • SIGG Kid's Cup
  • Klean Kanteen

According to some research, the safe plastics (ones that have acceptable recycling codes) are ones that are labeled 1,2,4, and 5. The codes 3 and 6 are NOT considered safe and 7 is questionable. You can check the bottom of your child's cup to determine it's classification code. If no number is shown then please check with the company and they should offer you the information that you are looking for. In the meantime, here's the healthy drinking... from sippy cups that is.

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