Sunday, July 6, 2008


I love long weekends. It's nice having Gregg home during the day and we relish the extra time together. Friday, the 4th of July, was spent mostly at home. We saved our outing for the evening when we went to the fireworks show. Saturday and Sunday were also spent at home but we went to the pool so we did get out of the house.

With the exception of some rain early on Friday, the weather has been perfect and we enjoyed our time out in the sunshine. I've gotten some much needed sun and don't look as white as I did earlier last week. I have a bit of a suntan even after taking the precaution of using sunscreen (we're big on using sunscreen in our family). Fortunately for me, I tan easily. It's just been a long time since I've actually spent any real amount of time in the sunshine.

Violet takes after me in how easily she tans. She has been sporting a "farmer's tan" for weeks now. You know, the kind where the arms are dark until you get up to where the shirt-sleeve mark is, then it's blinding white. Violet's not the only one who has been sporting that type of suntan, her Daddy's is awful. I'm hoping to get him out in the sun more and get some sun on those arms and back of his. Unfortunately for Gregg, he doesn't tan as quickly as his daughter and I do so he's just gonna have to bear the hardship of playing in a pool this summer. I'm joking folks.

While at the pool today we met a family that is new to Texas. A sweet family of four. They have a little boy that is just a few months older than Violet and a daughter that's ten months old. Violet and the little boy got to be fast friends while the parents chatted. We have a play date arranged for after dinner on Monday so that everyone can get to know one another better. I'm excited at the prospect of some new friends and a playmate for Violet. The Mom of the family is a stay-at-home Mom too so that's one thing she and I have in common.

BTW, the photo above is the pool at our apartment complex. Pretty, isn't it?

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