Thursday, February 10, 2011

Half Is Better Than Nothing

Oh, kill me now. I am stretching myself and my boundaries right and left. For one thing, I've joined a weekly photo assignment called 52 Weeks of Me. I really don't like being in front of the camera. And now, and now, I've added exercising to my routine. What am I thinking?!?!!!

Torturing myself seems to be a common theme in my life right now.

But, I'm doing these things not only for myself but for my daughter and husband too. The photos are for Violet's benefit. Someday she'll look at our photos and notice that there are none of me. Hopefully, she'll be happy that I undertook this project. That she'll look at my photos and remember me as I am now.

I have selfish reasons for exercising. To be perfectly blunt, I am so tired of always being tired. The extra insulation that I've been carrying around for countless years is getting to me. I need more physical strength and energy to keep up with Violet.

Oh, and let's not forget that I am one of the women that are running the afternoon program for our home school group on Mondays. I help with the reading portion, something that I love. I also help with P.E., something I have loathed up until last week. We are working more relays into the P.E. time. The kids LOVED it and so did I. That is until I was bent over in pain later that evening because my muscles were screaming at me. "Whhhhyyyyy did you do that to us?" they screamed. To which I replied, "It was a moment of insanity! Please forgive me!"

My moment of insanity turned in to an eye opening moment for me though. I realized that I can change how my body responds to physical activity by becoming more physically active overall. So, once I healed up a little after Monday's activities, I started working out.

Well, let me rephrase that. I started "trying" to work out. It seems that my tired old body just doesn't have a whole lot of stamina right now. So, as I set out to complete a video work out, the farthest I've managed to get to was half way through. But at least I made it half way through! That's half way more than what I was doing. Which was nothing. My goal, finish the videos!

Stretching yourself can be painful at times. It can be really, really painful at times! But it can also be worth every single ounce of that pain. If I can gain strength and energy through the exercise program then it's definitely worth the pain! If I can keep up with Violet, and be more active in her life, then bring on the pain.

Things are changing a lot in my little world and all for the good. So, just bear with me if there is more whining and crying than usual on here. I foresee some pretty rough days ahead of me. Thankfully, I have an incredible family and some amazing friends to cheer me on! Family and friends that I am forever grateful to.


Jen said...

That's awesome Kimberly. The thing with exercise is it is not all or nothing. Every little bit counts.

retiredw/3cats said...

Proud of you keep it up but start slow. A good place to start each session is with good stretching. In spite of what most say sore muscles are not good but they are a sign of weakness leaving the body. At least that is what the Corps used to tell us. LOL

Kimberly said...

LOL! Kimberly, you are funny. :) But I hear you on the exercising. I really need to add that back in to my routine to help shed some more pounds. Onward and upward my friend. Nose to the grindstone! ;)