Sunday, February 6, 2011

52 Weeks of Me ~ At Arms Length

I'm going to bust out of my comfort zone by joining a weekly photo project. 52 Weeks of Me. We'll see how well I do with this. Here goes nothing!

This week's assignment is At Arm's Length. I ended up propping my arm on my knee to take this photo. For those who are my friends on facebook, sorry for the repost of the photo. I'm a newbie with this so please bear with me!

(If one of my fellow blogger friends who are participating in this project could tell me how to post the button here, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!)


Anonymous said...

This turned out really good~ UR so PRETTY:) I am looking forward to following you on this project.
~ Leona Harrison.

Nickolaus Cave said...

Welcome. I have already learned a few new things. I too need to learn more.

Jen said...

Awesome photo Kimberly. The code is right below the photo on Jessie's ( Just copy the code and paste it into your post under the edit html tab. When you click back on the compose tab you should be able to see the photo. Does that make sense?

I am so glad you are joining in.

Jessie said...

What an awesome first shot! You look so relaxed in front of the camera. Glad you are joining in!

cynthia said...

I had to do mine two handed. Glad to see a new face join in, too.

Cara said...

So glad you joined in! If you have any idea's for themes please let us know.