Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter weekend has been one of the busiest weekends we have had in the longest time. The blessing of Gregg being let off work early on Thursday and then receiving Good Friday off was the beginning of our weekend. We had so much to fit in this past week and weekend that the extra time with Gregg was truly a gift.

Gregg and another friend have been leading worship at Cross Community Church here in Katy for a few months now. Our preparations for the Easter Sunday was worship team practice on Thursday. We added two new members to our worship team and this was the first service they joined us in. The dynamics of the worship team changed dramatically with their joining by adding a keyboard and two additional voices, giving the team the opportunity for the lovely sound of four part harmonies.

The added responsibility of the worship team has been such a special thing in our lives. Gregg and I love music and that has been a unifying factor in our relationship. It is not a joke when I say our wedding could have easily been turned into a musical due to all the music we had in the service. So, to be actively plugged in to a church's music again has meant the world to us. After being without a church for such a long period of time I had forgotten what it meant to be an active part of a community of believers. To say that I am loving this season of our family's life would be a huge understatement!

We took advantage of Gregg's day off by driving to Georgetown, Texas to spend part of the weekend with his sister, Deanna, and her precious family. Deanna's in-laws joined in the festivities, adding even more love and laughter to the weekend. With my niece and Deanna's nieces we had a house filled with girls and they all got along in a fantastic manner. Instant playmates! The girls all wanted to sleep together on Friday night, fulfilling one of Violet's latest big requests - to have a sleepover. The girls, ranging in ages seven to four, were up until midnight giggling and whispering. That brought back so many memories to me of childhood sleepovers and gave me a glimpse into our near future where that will become a greater reality in our lives. There was a big egg hunt on Saturday and despite the late bedtime and early alarms in the morning, the girls woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go!

My little family and I got home just before ten on Saturday night, adding to Violet's past-her-bedtime nights. I thought she would have collapsed by now but she was still going strong. Our Sunday morning alarms went off much sooner than I was prepared for and caffeine was a necessity for Gregg and I. After setting up for the service and a quick run-through of the music our services began. Cross Community had a record breaking attendance (we are a church plant and just recently went public) of seventy-nine people. What a joy it was to see new and familiar faces!

I've created an Easter time-line for everyone to see how much Violet has grown and how much Gregg and I have aged! But let's just focus on Violet, okay?

Easter 2012
It was pretty windy on Saturday and this photo was taken just as a gust of wind blew into our faces. I promise, I am not intentionally sporting the mile-high hairdos of the eighties!

Easter 2011

Easter 2010

Easter 2009

Easter 2008

Easter 2006

Violet's First Easter, 2005

Gracious, how this child has grown over the years! I have enjoyed every moment of her life but it breaks my heart to see how quickly she is growing up. It won't be long before the hair-bows will be cast aside and Violet will be picking out her own Easter dresses. I wish there was a way to slow time down because she is growing up faster than my heart can keep up with.


Anonymous said...

Love the Easter dress - just growing up too quickly. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Kimberly, I love the time line pictures and am amazed at how she has grown and how very fast the years have flown by. She's just lovely. - Libby Ingram