Monday, July 29, 2013

Easter 2013 & Baptism

We had an incredible Easter this year. This was by far my favorite Easter to ever experience in my life.

Gregg's parents flew down with Kiddo's favorite cousin, Miss. RC. It so happened that RC turned 16 while she was here on her visit. And if you know me at all, you know that I tried to make it a special day for our Sweet Sixteen year old cousin! We ordered RC's favorite birthday cake - white cake with blue frosting. We also decorated the house for her arrival and then celebrated with all of us going out to the Rain Forest Cafe. The girls had a wonderful time and I was able to get the waiters to sing very loudly Happy Birthday to RC before we left. So much fun!

We were blessed to be able to share in this special time in RC's life. I can't tell you how much we love that young lady!

As special as RC's birthday was for us, and the joyous event of our Savior rising from the grave and accending into heaven, we had another reason to celebrate during this Easter. Violet was baptised on Easter Sunday. My beloved had the incredible honor of baptizing our beautiful girl right after our church's Easter service! Violet made her profession of faith three years ago but we waited on her baptism for a few reasons. First, we were without a church home at that time. And then, while we believed her decision was solid, we wanted to make sure she fully understood that decision.

Easter was an emotional filled day for our little family. My beloved struggled to get through Violet's baptism a few times as his heart swelled with joy over the moment. I stood on the side and was overcome with pride and joy over this special moment in our daughter's life.

Gregg reading Violet's statement of faith to our church family...

Gregg praying a blessing over Violet's life as she continues to grow in faith...

Look at the joy on my baby girl's face as she came out of the water!

Oh, what a joyous day this day was! I get emotional as I think of all the ways God has blessed our family. We've been given an incredible little girl to raise and we can't thank God enough for choosing us to be her parents.

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Anonymous said...

Just after our daughter turned 16,we finially had her baptized at our parish during mass.She chose to wear the traditional all white,baby girls type outfit.she bought a cute,poofy white,top of the kneess dress with boufant shoulders and a bow at the back of the waist.she then found a bonnet to go with her dress and then got lace socks and white mary janes.As her diaper,she chose a cloth diaper with white plastic pants over it and a white tee shirt to go with the diaper and plastic pants.she looked very cute and 'baby girl'like for her baptism and it was a nice day for her.